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Music Review, Voicians: A Matter Of Time

Music Review
Voicians: A Matter Of Time
The Music Of Daniel Voicians (And Friends)

     The music of Daniel Voicians is a rare hybrid of many styles.  Orchestral, Rock, Electronic Dance Music, Industrial, Techno, Dub Thingies, and perhaps one or two others I do not know about at this time.  One thing that does come to mind when I listen to Voicians:  Melodic Intricacy.  Yes, the music is intricate, level upon level all hooked together like a masterful 3d chess game, into an almost super wholeness.  To me Voicians music is sculpture in sound, and I have really never heard anything like it before.  Excellent.

     For the record: I initially tried to buy the music at  It meant signing up to one more site, when all I wanted was to buy the music.  I may have tried to sign up even, and been rejected, because later I got an email from itself,  Subj: Was There A Problem?  Oh yeah madam and sirs the site was hard to use and wanted too much information, fyfi.

     Too true.  But now we have it all fixt @ fixtstore.

     Anyway, I was able to contact Daniel himself online, he keeps close eye on his Youtube account, and he communicates through facebook too.  Search Voicians.  I obtained a folder of his work digitally from him, including the latest "A Matter Of Time".  I have spent several months listening to it all.  I am listening to it right now, actually, a song called So Clear, one of my top ten favorites by Voicians.  I have the volume up loud.

     The mass of people hip to Voicians seem to favor the song "(This Can't Be A Dream, Because) This Pain Feels Real", and it is a good one, but let me tell you, when you buy the music of Voicians you are getting MANY good songs, and will most likely have a hard time choosing a favorite.  I have a top three, thats as far as I can get, but I also have a top ten too.  So you see, intricate begets intricate.   How nice.

     Daniel likes to make music for many reasons.  A lot of his stuff is perfect for video, and he actively pursues those ends.  I myself made a music video using his song "The Construct" to illustrate some work I have been doing for the international magazine Lost Treasure, published in Grove Oklahoma.  Daniel is generous, and a lot of his music is perfect for extreme sports videos.

     Some of Voicians pieces are short, they are prequels to whole songs perhaps, or more bits of intricate, to be plugged in where needed at a later date.  Some are actual kernals, seeds or seedlings, of future work, also called works-in-progress.  Right now he is taking the song Hidden And Divine, and expanding it full length, and like all the others, it is awesomely listenable, plus plus.

     Daniel Voicians seems to struggle a bit with the commercial issues surrounding his music, as he tries to exempt himself from being eaten alive by the monster which the band Zeromancer explains in their song "Industry People".  Daniel Voicians does most of his work at a home studio, electronically, and even his collaborations, of which there are many, take place by electronic mail.  He is a collaborator with Klayton aka Celldweller, (Harpcore) Martin Harp, and some others, even though the one T-shirt he has for sale at says this:


     I sent Daniel a link to an article via his facebook page which was an interview featuring long time master of sound Michael Oldfield, who therein explains some of the pitfalls of the music world (And much more), which are of course magnified by our present day digital technologies.  I hope Daniel takes that information to heart because I believe Voicians could be every bit as influential as Mr. Oldfield is in music, across the many years to come. 

     Try to never get into anything you cannot easily get out of.  A good rule in this world.

     Daniel Voicians insists on his independence in music, a worthy outlook, and one that can only lead to greater creativity and output down the line.   But he also understands the need for collaboration, and he likes it too.  So there is evolution happening, and its really cool to see.  I can feel the blood coursing through my veins, and it feels good.

     Pick up what you can get of the music of Voicians (And friends) at, just search Voicians, it comes right up.  Contact Daniel at facebook for more information.

Some Of The Best Full Length Songs From Voicians:

This Pain Feels Real
The Contruct
Touch Me Hurt Me
Being Someone Else
Goodbye (Featuring Martin Harp) Celldweller Cover
Birthright (Featuring Martin Harp) Celldweller Cover
Urban Shooting
Routing Her Synapses
So Clear
Come Closer
Mephisto Dub

Check out Voicians music at as well.

My Video using "The Construct" by Voicians:




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