Thursday, September 19, 2013

Music Review, Disease: Black Centr

Review: EP Disease, Digital Album by Blackcentr
Genre Electronica Industrial IDM

The musician contacted me on Myspace with a friend request.  I had
finally gotten savvy concerning the music players there, so I went and
listened.  Surprise Surprise, what a nice surprise. I like what I
heard:  I like it a lot.  I punched the friend button, and promptly
bought the EP Disease.  It was a great deal.  I am listening to it
now.  If I had a tail, I would be wagging it.  In fact, consider it

The bands name is Blackcentr, and the 5 songs on Disease are some of
the better musix I have heard.  The song Down seems to be everyones
favorite, and it is mine too, though Salvation runs a very close
second, with Disease a nearby third.  The other songs on the EP are a
remix of Disease by DYM, and a fourth called Misanthrope.  All these
songs are kicky tricks, and my hats off to Blackcentr and what they
have going on.  Its rare, these really good sounds.  You can hear it.

Blackcentre is Johnny Bonnett, and Ryan Layne, and they list their
location as Orange County USA.  Thats Los Angeles ya'll.  Johnny is
the music, and Ryan the vocals, according to the basic Myspace website
information, but there is a lot of mix and match going on in the
creation of these songs, brainstorming, as it is described by Johnny
in a recent interview with Cyberangels of the Netherlands

The bottom line is that Blackcentr is a collaboration between these
two men, and this is a collaboration of synergy, the total being
greater than the sum of its parts.  Johnnys mastery of his tools is
nothing less than awesome, and Ryans voice is just about perfect for
the music being made.  From the sounds of things, both of these guys
seem to be naturals at what they do, and that probably explains a lot
right there.  Blackcentr is any listeners good fortune -- check it out
at -- you will see.

Not too much has been said about the bands previous experience in
music.  Johnny started his own project after a concert where he saw
KMFDM and Combichrist performing.  After a few false starts he found
Ryan by advertising his need for a vocalist on Craigs list.
Sometimes, Light Happens.  Yes, Thankfully, Light Happens.

Blackcentr is working on new music as this is being written, and they
are also planning some roadwork, though a tour schedule has not been
decided on yet.  For anyone who is lucky enough to hear this new good
music, that can only mean one thing: get tickets.  Blackcentr has also
joined forces with Sigsaly Transmissions, a tight label and decent,
experienced group, who may facilitate growth for this band and its
musical gift.

This band has had some decent acquaintance with the industrial scene
so far, decent meaning not always pretty, but definitely meaningful.
Blackcentr's last singer, the one before Ryan, had a big problem with
ego, and quite frankly, he blew his chance at something good.  If
Johnny and Ryan can avoid that pitfall of pitfalls, the ego thing,
then survive the road, along with the straight-up malice derived from
the petty and not-so-petty jealousy of peers and business rivals, they
will be a force to be reckoned with.

By My Assessment, They Already Are.

Disease, EP
released 08 July 2010
Music: Johnny Bonnett
Vocals: Ryan Layne

Review by Bill Gallagher

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